Prominent ears is a condition that occurs when there is an exaggerated separation of the ears relative to the side wall of the skull, causing in children psychological issues, self consciousness and teasing from other children, thus hindering their social integration. The process is regularly performed in children before school age to avoid psychological and interaction disorders; ears at this age have 80% of its development.

In the first consultation we evaluate the deformity of the pinna, the technique used and the results that we will obtain. We will indicate laboratory tests, preoperative cardiovascular assessment, removal of certain drugs such as aspirin 15 days before as this contributes to excessive bleeding, other vitamins, alcohol and tobacco.

In adults this procedure is performed under local anesthesia and in children under local sedation or general anesthesia.

Usually the incisions are made behind the ear; the patient leaves the operating room with a soft bandage over his ears and after anesthetic recovery may be discharged for outpatient follow-up.

You should not perform water activity or sports for about 2 months, and use the containment night band for 3 weeks.

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