Mastopexy is the surgical procedure to raise and improve the shape of falling breasts. Certain events during the life of the woman create changes that produce this fall, such as pregnancy, lactation, hormonal stimulation, weight loss and the effects of gravity that produce the aging phenomenon known as breast ptosis.

Sometimes this procedure is combined with breast augmentation surgery to create the volume of lost fibroglandular tissue.

At your first consultation we evaluate the size and shape of the breasts, the firmness of the skin, breast examination and general health condition. Usually the patients present emptying of upper pole and falling breasts. Profile breast imaging may be requested prior to the intervention. We will indicate laboratory studies, preoperative cardiovascular assessment, and the removal of certain medications, such as aspirin two weeks before, certain vitamins, tobacco and alcohol.

The surgery is performed under regional anesthesia assisted by sedation.

There are various techniques: in one the incisions are only periareolar, and in others we can add a vertical scar and another submammary if necessary. In some cases it we can leave drainage for several days. High padded bandages are placed the next day with a medicated brassier that will be used for one to two months, and an indication of oral antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, vitamins and cures.

The long-term results of mastopexy depend on a number of factors, such as skin type, sudden weight change, new pregnancies and age.

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