Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty Reduction)

Women with large breast volume accompanied or not with asymmetry (differences in size between the two), or ptosis (drooping of the breasts), regularly have physical and psychological disorders, such as constant pain on their back and neck, heavy chest sensation along with breathing (or respiratory) restrictions, intercostal neuritis, internal breast pain, irritation of the skin beneath the breast, to deformations of the spine (scoliosis and / or kyphosis or hump), crevices on the shoulders due to the weight of the breast, accompanied by pain in the lateral portion of the neck; this condition prevents you from performing certain physical activities plus it adds a level of difficulty at the moment of finding adequate clothes for you. As a consequence, all these lead to low self-esteem and depression that directly affects the lack of security and self-confidence.

This surgical procedure reduces the size of the breasts by removing glandular tissue, fat and skin, with the purpose of creating smaller, lighter and firmer breasts, in proportion with the rest of your body.

During your first appointment we evaluate the size and shape of the breasts, the skin’s firmness, breast examination and your health status in general. The patient should feel free to express in a sincere manner, what are their expectations of the surgery and of its results, as to provide the most suitable surgical technique. Additionally, the risks, limitations and scarring of the surgery will be explained. A breast profile may be requested prior to the intervention, as well as laboratory studies, preoperative cardiovascular evaluation including the removal (or temporary limitations or restrictions) of certain medications, such as aspirin two weeks prior to the surgery, tobacco, alcohol and certain vitamins.

The surgery is performed under regional anesthesia assisted with sedation. There are different techniques, nevertheless in most of them an incision around the areola that continues down to follow the natural curves of the breast in L or T form (inverted) takes place. Due to modern modifications of techniques these incisions have been successfully reduced in size. The surgeon removes the excess of the glandular tissue, fat and skin, relocates the nipple-areola area in its new position while maintaining the binding to blood vessels and nerves, permitting the maintenance of normal or near normal sensitivity of the nipples; then the breast obtains its new form, size and contour. In most cases we use drains for several days, cushioned bandages and after that the patient goes home with an indication of oral antibiotics, anti- inflammatory, vitamins and cures. The patient must use medicated bras for several months. Also, short and medium term post-op recommendations will be given, for the patient to reincorporate in daily life activities in a three week period.

The final result of a breast reduction surgery can be appreciated between six to eight months after the surgery takes place. Back and neck pain will disappear few days after the surgery.

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