Breast Mammoplasty (Augmentation)

Surgical procedure realized to augment and improve the size and form of patient’s breasts.

This procedure is indicated in cases of small breasts, breast growth underdevelopment (hypoplasia) and unevenness in breast size (asymmetry). It’s also recommended after pregnancies due to reabsorption of breast tissue, and in reconstructive procedures following breast surgery due to cancer.

The most popular and used implants are those filled with gel or silicone elastomer, which can be smooth or rugged with wide pores that reduce the risk of capsular contracture. Finally, those made of polyurethane, which further reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

The most sought after implant forms are the round ones with extra high and extra-extra high profiles, while those that replicate the anatomic forms are less frequent.

During patient consultation we evaluate general health, the form and size of the breasts, skin quality, consistency and volume of breast tissue, conduct breast exploration, and, if necessary, indicate image studies. The volume and size of the implants are chosen in consensus with the patient and will depend on the size of the thorax, the breast’s transverse diameter, and the patient’s height, as I try to maintain the harmony in a patient’s body. I’ll explain to the patient the different techniques of surgical approach and which will be the most convenient for the patient; this can be periareolar, submammary, or axillary, through a 3 cm incision. We will also discuss the operatory procedure and possible complications.

I’ll indicate laboratory studies, cardiovascular pre-operatory evaluation, including the suppression of some drugs such as aspirin 15 days before surgery, as well as tobacco, alcohol, and certain vitamins. Surgery will be conducted under regional anesthesia assisted by sedation.

I’ll utilize high quality certification prosthesis, which can be placed in the region sub-muscular or sub-fascially. Afterwards I will realize intradermal sutures so that the scar is as imperceptible as possible. The patient can be sent home the same day or the day after surgery with the pertaining post operatory recommendations and a medical follow-up for 10 to 15 days.

Abdominoplasty, also known as “tummy tuck,” is the surgery that involves removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen, as well as muscle flaccidity correction.

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