It is the condition that occurs in some men, characterized by an unusual increase in the volume of the breasts due to hormonal changes during puberty and / or adolescence, or after significant weight loss in an obese patient. It may be due to glandular tissue, fat tissue, or a combination of both.

These patients are regularly self-conscious and / or depressed and do not show their body naturally. In the first visit, their general health condition and the characteristics of the skin and breast content components will be evaluated.

Laboratory tests will be conducted, including a complete hormonal profile, cardiovascular assessment, and elimination of certain medications, such as aspirin 15 days before the operation, vitamin E and omega, since it contributes to excessive bleeding.

It is performed under regional anesthesia assisted by sedation.

If the mammary component is predominantly fat the process will be conducted by liposuction through a minimal incision. If the component is glandular we’ll proceed to the removal of the mammary gland through an incision on the edge of the areola, leaving only a small amount of gland under the nipple-areola complex.

This method according to the magnitude of the event can be outpatient or inpatient. Using drain for 3-5 days, and the compression band for a month. You must perform light activities the first few weeks avoiding heavy lifting or exercise applicants. Later, exercises will be indicated to strengthen the pectoral muscles to obtain definition of the upper chest.

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