Buttock Augmentation

This intervention is recommended for patients who want more and better projection of the contour of their buttocks; may be performed alone or in combination with body liposuction.

In consultation we evaluate whether or not the surgery is necessary because sometimes a gluteal contour liposuction can get the desired impression.

The buttock augmentation can be achieved through the infiltration of autologous fat (lipoinjection) or by the placement of gluteal implants (prostheses) specially designed and constructed for such purposes.

In consultation we will measure the buttocks to decide what size implants would be the most appropriate in each particular case. We then evaluate the general state of health, skin quality, consistency and volume of fat tissue and gluteus maximus muscle. We will indicate laboratory studies, preoperative cardiovascular assessment, removal of certain drugs such as aspirin 15 days before and others as tobacco, alcohol and certain vitamins.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia assisted by sedation.

The buttock augmentation by fat transfer from the same patient is combined with liposuction, as this is the fat that is collected in a sterile manner and subsequently infiltrated within the thickness of the gluteus maximus using specialized techniques. Recovery by this technique is relatively fast. A percentage of this fat is reabsorbed; the rest is solid muscle and revascularization.

The other form of buttock augmentation is by placing gluteal prosthesis specially designed for such purposes. It is done through an incision 4-5 centimeters in the natal cleft about 2.5 centimeters above the anus. From this incision both buttocks are addressed, and through the technique chosen we construct pockets between the superficial fascia and gluteus maximus muscle or the muscle’s thickness according to the aforementioned chosen technique; trial implants are placed to assess the most appropriate and harmonious size for the patient and then the final implant. Suction drains are placed in both buttocks, as well as a semi compressive bandage. Postoperative is supine (face down) for one day. The specialist will indicate the recommendations when discharged. The constant use of compression garment is for 30 days.

The final results are seen in about 6 months. The patient observes the change in form and volume immediately.

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