About Us

About our clinic of surgery plastic aesthetic and Reconstructive.

Our clinic is designed to offer comfort and relaxation that our patients deserve. Our modern facility is equipped with the highest technology with a team of professionals who guarantee a friendly and humane treatment trying to meet the aesthetic expectations of patients make your stay as pleasant as possible. Encontran our patients the best care and satisfaction with our surgeon Dr. Kenneth Schimensky Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon, experience and excellence is reflected in each of his patients.

* Our Plastic Surgery Clinic and Equipment in Sto. Dgo, R. D.
* Accommodation
* Private post-operative care
* Dedication to the comfort and patient safety

We offer aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery of the highest quality

These procedures are performed in our clinic, with the best facilities, personalized health care. Our medical team is guaranteed by councils and associations that monitor a variety of medical specialties. Our Center is equipped with the technology and equipment necessary to perform a series of procedures of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Our medical team works with excellence and efficiency to ensure that each patient receives the priority and attention they deserve.

Many of our patients come to us from different countries of munto, in fact, have a high volume of patients who visit the United States, Europe and the Caribbean Islands. We offer medical tourism package which includes round trip transportation to the airport, accommodation, transportation to the clinic, accommodation and visits to tourist attractions after recovery.

Several airlines offer direct flights to Santo Domingo, which facilitates the process to travel. Staff members offer helps patients with everything related to programming trip to the Capital, which help this process of programming the trip as pleasant for you.

Como parte de nuestro paquete de tratamiento post-operatorio, los pacientes permanecerán en un hotel confortable o en un Centro de de Recuperación post-operatoria, esto ayudará a que la recuperación del procedimiento , frente a la playa, cerca de nuestras instalaciones.

Esto ayudara a que la recuperación del procedimiento sea mucho más agradable y confortable. así, nuestro personal puede atender las necesidades del paciente de una manera más personalizada directamente en su habitación de hotel, ayudando en el proceso de recuperación con la atención post-operatoria.

El equipo de profesionales de nuestras instalaciones de Cirugía Plástica y Estética espera con mucha expectativa escuchar de usted. El Dr. Kenneth Schimensky y todo su equipo de profesionales están comprometidos a darle resultados excepcionales, brindarles la mejor atención y un tratamiento ejemplar en nuestra hermosa ciudad. Comuníquese con nosotros hoy mismo para programar una cita.