About Dr.Schimensky

Kenneth Schimensky

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon

Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo

Doctor in Medicine
1978 – 1986

Hospital Dr. Luis Eduardo Aybar

General Surgery Residency
1987 – 1989

Universidad del Zulia, Hospital Universitario de Maracaibo, Venezuela

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Specialization, Maxillofacial and Burns
1990 – 1993


Certified Specialist in AdiStem (Technology in Stem Cells derived from Adipose Tissue)

3MED (Health Institute Age Management and Cosmetic Medicine)
February 2013 – Present

The Ibero-American Federation of Plastic Surgery Certifies that Dr. Kenneth Schimensky meets the requirements to be considered as Full Member of the FILACP

Due by May 31st 2018

Member of the Dominican Medical School

May 1986 – Present

Member of the Scientific Society Dr. Rafael Soto Matos, Maracaibo, Venezuela

January 1993 – Present

Member of the Dominican Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Inc.

September 1995 – Present

Holder Member of the Ibero Latin American Society of Plastic Surgery

September 1996 – Present

International Member of  Confederation for Plastic, Reconstrutive and Aesthetic Surgery

September 1996 – Present

Continous Experience

  • XIII Venezuelan Congress of Plastic Surgery, Mérida, Venezuela 1994.
  • I International Symposium of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Dominican Republic, 1996.
  • XV Venezuelan Congress of Plastic Surgery, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, 1998.
  • XII Ibero Latin Congress of Plastic Surgery & VI International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery, Dominican Republic, 1998.
  • XVII Venezuelan Congress of Plastic Surgery, Maracaibo, Venezuela, 2002.
  • II International Course Workshop on new trends in gluteoplasty augmentation and mammoplasty with anatomic implants by Dr. Abel De La Pena, Mexico, 2004.
  • XXXI International Annual Symposium of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, 2004.
  • Practical-Theorical Course Double Convergence thread implants Dr. Beramendi, Brasil, 2005.
  • V National Congress of Plastic Surgery, Dominican Republic, 2005.
  • V International congress of Plastic Surgery, Dom. Rep., 2007.
  • XII Dominican Congress & VII National, Dom. Rep., 2009.
  • XVII Ibero Latin American Congress of Plastic Surgery, Republic of Panama, 2010.
  • Mentor Paragon Forum. Certificate of Completion, Panama, 2010.
  • VIII Central American and Caribbean Congress of Plastic Surgery, Dom. Rep., 2011.
  • XIII National Congress of Plastic Surgery “New Challenges of Plastic Surgery”, Dom. Rep., 2011.
  • I Regional Symposium from traditional medicine to modern medicine, Therapeutics based on Mother Cells, Dom. Rep., 2012.
  • Continuous Actualization Program (SODOCIPRE): importance of psychological assessment plastic surgery patients, April 2012.
  • Continuous Actualization Program (sodocipre): Workshop Buttocks Implants & Calves, May 2012, by Dr. Rafael Vergara, Mexico.
  • Continuous Actualization Program (sodocipre): Thrombus Prophylaxis Strategies among Plastic Surgeons, July 2012.
  • XIV Dominican Congress of Plastic Surgeon October 2012 La Romana, Dom. Rep.
  • Continuous Actualization Program (sodocipre): Asthma, bronchopulmonary complications and Plastic Surgery, January 2013.
  • Continuous Actualization Program (sodocipre): Importance of imaging in breast surgery, May 2013.
  • XV Dominican Congress of Plastic Surgery September 2013, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. “After Excellence in Plastic Surgery”.
  • Continuous Updating Program (SODOCIPRE): “Key Elements of Medical Expertise”. April 2014.
  • Mother Cells, Myths and Realities. July 2014, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
  • Continuous Updating Program (SODOCIPRE): Skin Tumors: Diagnosis and Treatment Program. August 2014.
  • I Symposium Complications in Plastic Surgery, Prevention and Management, October 2014, Dominican Republic.
  • Continuous Updating Program (SODOCIPRE): Fat Embolism Vs Venous Thromboembolism in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Actual State. November 2014.
  • Continuous updating program (sodocipre): handling of anemia in plastic surgery February 2015 D.R.
  • I symposium tendencies and actualities in Plastic surgery within the bodily contour March 2015 D.R.
  • XVI Dominican congress of Plastic surgery. October 2015 Punta cana, D.R.
  • Continous updating program (Sodocipre): basic concepts in clinical protocols based on evidences. Jun 2015
  • Continous update program (Sodocipre): 1) evolution of the entrance points for breast implants April 2016
  • Prevention of catastrophic cardiovascular events in plastic surgery. August 2016
  • XVII Dominican congress of Plastic surgery October 2016 Punta cana D.R.
  • Risks in plastic surgery and complications prevention January 2017
  • Post-chirurgic infections common to plastic surgery in Dominican republic. March 2017, Santo Domingo D.R.
  • Thermirf: New alternative to the handling of skin flaccidity Jun 2017 Santo Domingo D.R.
  • Continous update program (Sodocipre) “Medical praxis and it’s penitentiary liability” July 2017 Santo Domingo.
  • XVIII Dominican congress of Plastic Surgery. October 2017. Punta Cana R.D.
  • “Safe anesthesia in plastic surgery” February 2018. Santo Domingo D.R.

“In my practice I meet what I have called the 3R’s rule…
Responsibility at work.
Respect to the patient.
Aesthetic Results.”
Dr. Kenneth Schimensky